Elin Lansdown


Birth name: Elin Gudrun Jonsdottir
Born: 22 March, 1953 Reykjavik, Iceland
Birthed: Daughters (2) born in Reykjavik, Iceland 15 July 1974, (Steinunn K. Lansdown), 5 March 1979, (Stella L. Lansdown)
Died: 15 August, 2013 (age 60) Kenosha, Wisconsin USA
Field: Pen and Ink, Pen and Water-color
Movement: Pointillist, Modern art, Neo-impressionism
Elin lived in Reykjavik as an infant. At 2 moved to neighboring town Hafnarfjordur until 17. then returned to Reykjavik permanently, until the age of 30, when she, husband, and 2 children moved to Kenosha, Wisconsin USA, where she resided until her passing August 15, 2013.
Age 8-12 Elin was enrolled in 'The Art Institute of Iceland'. Placed in advanced classes. was considered highly talented at this young age. Mastered drawing hands, eyes, and a lot of boats.
Age 13-17 Attended advanced classes at the Institute. Was given a free hand at projects of her liking. Was introduced to pen and ink. Her teacher knew because of her great attention to detail, the medium would be a perfect match. He was correct. Elin started to develop her own style, and originality. and was attracting interest from buyers and advertisers.
Age 18 ('71) Elin is hired by the Criminal Court of Iceland as a court secretary/stenographer.
Age 19 ('72) Elin marries American Thomas R. Lansdown . They reside in Iceland.
Age 21 ('74) Gives birth to 1st daughter. Also gives birth to her 1st original, pointillist work, titled: "Adam's Eve". Elin has created a new standard in the rare pointillist technique.
Age 26 ('79) Gives birth to second daughter
Age 30 ('83) Moves to USA
1980s Numerous 1st place awards and recognition from various clubs and organizations for her Pointillist works, and the many other creative talents such as; fashion design, pattern maker, seamstress, Master 1st place winning knitter. dabbling in album cover design, book covers, headers.
1995 Southport art gallery of Kenosha Wisconsin showcases 6 works by Elin.
1996 Art Independent Gallery of Lake Geneva Wisconsin showcases 10 works by Elin.
1997 Anderson Arts Center of Kenosha, Wisconsin exhibits 3 works by Elin.
2000 Series of 5 Christmas angels printed for Christmas cards. (Likely first pointillist Christmas cards ever made.)
2000 2013 Elin raised and lived for her 4 grandchildren, and continued her art . She also was becoming quite the cake designer, and cake decoration maker.
8- 15- 2013

Elin 'passes on' to where her art concepts originate. An Angel has left behind for us, a personal collection of 34 staggering pointillist works of art. A Spiritual awakening to those who view. Truly an angel’s collection.